20th March 2023

Past conferences

2023: Nairobi, Kenya (22nd)

2022: Accra, Ghana (21st)
Theme: Redefining the Future of Real Estate in Africa

2020/2021: Lusaka, Zambia (Online) (20th)
Theme: The Future of the African Real Estate Sector: What Next?

2019: Arusha, Tanzania (19th)
Theme: Developing New Frontiers for the African Real Estate Sector

2018: Abeokuta, Nigeria (18th)
Theme: Integrating the African Real Estate Market – An Agenda
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2017: Johannesburg, South Africa (17th)
Theme: Balancing Real Estate Academic and Industry Outlooks 

2016: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (16th)
Theme: Sustainable Multi-Sectoral Real Estate Development in Emerging Economies

2015: Kumasi, Ghana (15th)
Theme: Real Estate Markets Development: Meeting the Challenge, Making the Difference

2014: Cape Town, South Africa (14th)
Theme: Urban Real Estate Markets: a Catalyst for Economic Growth and Development

2013: Kigali, Rwanda (13th)
Theme: Unleashing the Value of the Different African Real Estate Markets

2012: Accra, Ghana (12th)
Theme: Unlocking the African Real Estate Potential

2013: Windhoek, Namibia (11th)
Theme: Land & Property Markets: Post Global Economic Recession: Challenges to Africa

2010: Naivasha, Kenya (10th)
Theme: Harnessing Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Africa

2009: Lagos, Nigeria (9th)
Theme: Real Estate Markets in Emerging Economies

2008: Midrand, South Africa (8th)
Theme: Developing Real Estate Markets in Africa

2007: Livingstone, Zambia (7th)
Theme: Sustainable Human Settlements for Economic and Social Development

2006: Bagamoyo, Tanzania (6th)
Theme: Promoting Sustainable Land Management in Africa

2005: None

2004: Kampala, Uganda (5th)
Theme: "Real estate in Africa"

2003: Nairobi, Kenya (4th)
Theme: "The future of the real  estate industry and real estate professions in Africa"

2002: None

2001: Arusha, Tanzania (3rd)
Theme: "Promoting Real Estate Professions in Africa"

2000: None

1999: Johannesburg, South Africa (2nd)

1997: Maputo, Mozambique (1st)