20th March 2023

Paper Awardees

2022 Award winners

Award winners were presented during the awards and dinner program held on 9th September 2022. Awardees presented are as follows:

IRES Corporate Leadership Award (Sponsored by IRES)

South African Council for Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP)

Best investment paper (Sponsored by the IREBS Foundation)

Topic: Do Internally Managed REITs Manage Earnings more than Externally Managed REIT

Authors: Oluwaseun Damilola Ajayi and Omokolade Akinsomi

IFC Edge Best Paper for Green Building (Sponsored by IFC EDGE)

Topic: Willingness to pay for green buildings in Ghana: What are the influencing factors?

Authors: Yelly Kwesy Lawluvy, Olivia Kwakyewaa Ntim and Albert Agbeko Ahiadu

Best Sustainable Real Estate paper (Sponsored by the IREBS Foundation)

Topic: The environmental implications of informal settlements on the denizens of Msholozi, South Africa

Authors: Yacim, Joseph Awoamim; Musefuwa, Mafhungo and Zulch, Benita

Best Valuation Paper (Sponsored by the IREBS Foundation)

Topic: Enhancing Accuracy and Consistency in the Valuation of Plant and Equipment through Cubic Regression Models of Physical Deterioration

Authors: Osasumwen Edionwe and Olusegun A. Ogunba

Seun Ajayi Doctoral Dissertation Award (Sponsored by Dr. Ouwaseun Damilola Ajayi)

Topic: Street level land administration in post-conflict peri-urban areas: the case of Waitiki Farm

Author: Dennis Mbugua Muthama

AfRES Achievement Award (Sponsored by AfRES Board)

Dr. Felican Komu

AfRES Service Award (Sponsored by AfRES Board)

Patrick Katabua

AfRES Corporate Service Award (Sponsored by AfRES Board)

Ghana Lands Commission

AfRES Queen – Nana Sompa AfRES (Sponsred by the LOC)

Catherine Kariuki