AfRES Conference 2021: The Future of the African Real Estate Sector: What Next?

Welcome to the 2021 call for papers for our conference. In 2020 we had to cancel our beloved conference due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that 2021 will be a better year. Nevertheless, this year we are organizing a virtual conference. It was not an easy decision to adopt a format that will lead to us not seeing each other for a second year, but we decided to err on the side of caution hoping for the face-to-face experience to be back with us in the near future. In 2019 we went back to Tanzania after an absence of numerous years, and we thoroughly enjoyed it last time round. In 2021 we will be celebrating our 20th annual conference of the African Real Estate Society.  It is cause for both celebration and contemplation regarding the future, especially with/post the covid-19 pandemic.

Lusaka is the capital and major commercial city of Zambia. Lusaka is also one of the fastest developing cities in the Southern African region. It is situated on a plateau of about 1280 meters above sea level with beautiful view all around. It is well connected to the country’s road infrastructure in all four directions, north, south, east, and west. It is named after a village in the Manda Hill named after Chief Lusaka. In 1905 the British built the railway and Lusaka took off as a major center. By 1935 it replaced Livingstone as the capital of Northern Rhodesia as it was called then.

Since the federation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia in 1953, Lusaka became the center for independence movement. In 1964 Lusaka became the capital of the independent Republic of Zambia. In recent years it has become a popular destination for Zambians to settle and for tourists who enjoy the beautiful climate of Lusaka. Lusaka has the largest learning institutions in Zambia and some of the best schools in the country. Lusaka has/is surrounded by several tourist attractions which include Lusaka National Park, Presidential Burial Site National Monument, Lilayi Elephant Nursey, Lusaka National Museum, Chaminuka Nature Reserve and many more. Lusaka is also about an hour’s flight to Livingstone, the home of the mighty Victoria Falls and the tourist capital of Zambia. The AfRES conference attracts representatives from academia and practice from the continent and from across the world to discuss and present innovative solutions to real estate challenges. The conference encourages professionals from the private real estate sector, government agencies, academia, and other stakeholders in the sector.

The conference encourages the submission of papers with a broad spectrum of real estate related issues.

  1. Macro-economic policy and real estate markets
  2. Real estate markets and housing developments
  3. Real estate investment trust
  4. Research in real estate
  5. Land administration and management
  6. Real estate finance and investment
  7. Real estate finance and investment
  8. Property and facility management
  9. Sustainable real estate market
  10. Research priorities for real estate education institution
  11. Real estate education curricula: A workplace feedback
  12. Collaboration/synergy between real estate practitioners and academia

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